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June 26, 2017
083: What to do when you’re overwhelmed

As ambitious people, we often find ourselves in situations where we’ve committed to too many things and have to deal with the overwhelm that comes along with it. In this episode we discuss what to do in this situation and how to learn from it for the inevitable next time.

key takeaways

If you don’t want to say no to a project, say “not right now” and schedule it for the future. It’s hard to turn down good opportunities, but often they can wait until the time is right.

Health is often the first thing to go, and it shouldn’t be. If you start thinking of your health as not important, you’ll find it hard to recover from the burnout.

Perhaps overwhelm has to get bad for you to better learn how to scope projects and manage your time in the future. It’s a hard skill to learn and when you make mistakes, it’s an opportunity to remember to allow more time for the next project.

Getting through an overwhelming time is a lot about mindset. You have no brain space for being worried about stress. You need it all for working on the projects and getting them done. So write down what you have to do and just start doing it, step by step.

show timestamps

00:00 - Intro & catch up

04:46 - Feeling overwhelmed due to overcommitment

10:00 - Saying no to opportunities to free up time

15:20 - Internal and external pressures

18:45 - The first things to be dropped from the schedule

26:40 - Making changes after a near-burnout

31:00 - Taking responsibility for your overwhelm

35:15 - Wrap up and last words of advice

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