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July 3, 2017
084: Self-doubt and feeling unsuccessful

Feeling down about yourself, and like you're super uninteresting and unsuccessful isn't fun. In fact, it downright sucks. But it's something we all seem to face. So that's what we decided to discuss in this weeks episode along with feeling too old and comparing ourselves to others.

key takeaways

It is your choice to change your mindset and stop feeling unsuccessful, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

We feel a lot of pressure to be successful, especially when hearing stories of talented people who achieve amazing things at a young age. The thing to remember is that we hear these stories because they are so rare. Don’t feel bad about yourself if you haven’t ‘made it’ yet.

Instead of wallowing in it, let not being successful yet serve as a motivator to work harder and do better. After all, if you feel like you’ve already made it then what is the point in the hustle!

show timestamps

00:30 - Intro & why Charli felt unsuccessful this month

04:00 - Mindset

09:30 - Pressure to do more

13:40 - Only hearing from the top few creatives

16:30 - If you already feel successful would you stop trying?

19:00 - Feeling too old

31:30 - Comparing ourselves

37:30 - Tell us something you’re proud of

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