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August 1, 2017
088: Shiny Object Syndrome

Us creative types can often be distracted by shiny new ideas, especially when we’re at a tough point in a project. The temptation of working on something new is easy to give in to, but it’s not always the best thing for achieving our goals. In this episode we talk about shiny object syndrome, how it’s affected us, and advice for dealing with it to stay on track.

key takeaways

When you get an idea, write it down! That way you can stop thinking about it and you can pick it back up when it’s the right time to work on it.

Sometimes it’s better to take your time with an idea and plan it out properly rather than jumping on it and taking action straight away. It can help you produce a better product and give it a better chance to succeed. 

The best way to deal with shiny object syndrome is to be aware that it exists. Question where a new idea fits in your priorities whenever one arises and don’t get distracted just because the task you’re currently working on is difficult.

show timestamps

00:00 - Intro & catch up

05:00 - Building a good base before working on new tangents

08:45 - What happens when you get a new idea?

15:50 - New ideas arising at tough points in other projects

17:45 - Shiny object or necessary step in your process?

22:20 - Awareness and idea validation

26:40 - The Dribbble effect

30:00 - Last words of advice

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