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August 22, 2017
091: Getting your work noticed

Doing great work is just one part of building a reputation and an audience; you also need to get your work noticed. In this episode we give advice for feeling confident sharing your work, and how to go about it in the right way.

key takeaways

There is a difference between annoying self promotion and sharing your work, and it all comes down to your intent. Don’t be afraid of sharing if you’re proud of your work and think it will help people or entertain them.

Use hashtags with moderation. It can be great to use specific niche hashtags to get your work in front of the right people. But using generic hashtags like #design or #business means you’re likely to attract an audience of people who are following hashtags to further their own growth and aren’t actually interested in your work.

Think about what you’ll be adding to the world by sharing your work. If you’re feeling nervous about promoting yourself, realise that if it helps even one person it will be worth it!

To be noticed, you need to build a body of work rather than just one good piece. People are more likely to share a set of great work rather than one individual post. That means to be noticed you need to have both quality and quantity.

show timestamps

00:50 - Intro and catchup

04:30 - Our biggest struggle with getting our work noticed

10:00 - Promotion vs sharing

14:40 - Being “popular enough” to share

18:30 - Sharing beyond your circle

21:00 - Giveaways

23:10 - Daily challenges

27:40 - Imposter syndrome

29:45 - Last words of advice from Eric

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