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October 23, 2017
099: What to do when you’re lacking motivation

Slumps in motivation happen. No matter how passionate you are, no matter how good you are at time management; sometimes you just don’t feel motivated. In this episode we talk about how we deal with the slump, chat about possible reasons for it occurring, and give advice for trying to get out of it.

key takeaways

Changes in your routine can break your motivation, as can shifting your priorities in life. When you feel your motivation lacking, take stock of your life and see if this could be the reason for it. Perhaps you’re spreading your motivation to other areas of your life such as health or family, and that’s okay.

There’s no rush. And there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy the journey as your progress towards your goals. The end product doesn’t matter so much if you’ve enjoyed the journey to reach it.

When you’re in a slump, push past the guilt you feel at not being productive and don’t write off the whole day. Shake it off and try to get one thing done to get the ball rolling again.

To have output you need to have input. When your internal inspiration is lacking, you need to feed your brain with inspiration from external sources like podcasts, music or films you love, or simply looking at great work others have made.

show timestamps

00:20 - Intro & catch up

06:30 - Motivation when launching something new

09:30 - Ebbs and flows of motivation

13:00 - Pressure to achieve

14:20 - A shift in priorities

19:15 - Getting into the motivation cycle

21:00 - Creating a fulfilling life

23:05 - Guilt or shame at not being motivated

25:40 - To have output you need to have input

29:45 - Overhwhelm

31:00 - Small changes we’re going to make to be more motivated.

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